The innovative range of Diamonex® wear resistant glass coatings provide the Automatic Data Capture market with unsurpassed Diamond coating technology improving the lifetime, read accuracy, and read rate for barcode scanners. This same technology can be applied to other optical devices and sensors to protect the surface from scratches or abrasion, thus ensuring continued read accuracy and quality of measurements.

The Diamonex® coating process produces a superior surface that is harder, chemically resistant and possesses low friction properties.

Diamonex® ClearShield™ is an innovative combination of high optical clarity with superior scratch and wear resistance to create a premium product that will meet retail, security, and industrial needs for cost effective solutions in:

  • Optical, fixed position, and hand-held scanners
  • Passport, travel, ID, and security document verification
  • Visioning, comparators, and inspection systems
  • High speed parts and document processing
  • ATM and other mission critical applications
  • Transaction signature pads

Diamonex® EVERSCAN® is a premium coated product with superior scratch and wear resistance that will meet retail and industrial needs for cost effective solutions in:

  • Laser based fixed position POS scanners
  • Access control ID readers
  • Optical comparators
  • Industrial and process equipment viewports
  • Kiosk station transaction windows

AEGISGLASS® PLUS: Resists scratching from most items sold in supermarkets for up to five years

SCANSHIELD®: Our first-generation and most economical glass.  Outlasts tin oxide coated glass by a 4 – 5x factor, and uncoated glass by 40x

Optical Data Capture

The Diamonex range of coatings provides excellent abrasion resistance for both glass and plastic transparencies, making them an ideal coating of choice where data accuracy and long-life integrity are pre-requisites. The DIAMONDSHIELD® coating provides plastics with the comparable scratch resistance to glass but maintains the cost and weight savings.